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 The Ranks

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Islander Jon
Pokémon Island Creator
Pokémon Island Creator

Number of posts : 288
Age : 25
D/P Name : JON (Pearl), Island (Diamond)
Favorite Pokémon : Lucky the Altaria and Charm the Dragonite
Short Phrase of Yourself : The Initial Islander
Registration date : 2007-06-16

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PostSubject: The Ranks   Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:17 pm

The Ranks
Rankings are placed below your Username to provide diversity amongst Islanders. This allows Islanders to strive to be the top poster. The top posters are recognized on the main page and therefore gain popularity with other new Islanders and are the ones to look for for troubles and/or problems navigating through the site. You can also contact an administrator or a moderator for assistance. However, if one misuses their power, Pokémon Island Creator has the power to degrade or ban the user. Here are the two types of rankings - Post Rankings and Special Rankings:
Post Rankings:

These rankings are given to regular Islanders who show involvement by posting reasonable and necessary replies in topics. From a Newcomer to Honorable Islander is your goal. Remember, the Chatbox does not include in the number of Post Counts. Posts are also recorded in your File so everyone can see how much you’ve posted. Remember: Post to be the Best!
Rank#) Title - # of Posts - Picture Ranking

The Beginner Islander Ranking Set
1.) Newcomer - 0 Posts - 1 Star
2.) Novice Islander - 50 Posts - 2 Stars
3.) Standard Islander - 100 Posts - 3 Stars
4.) Online Islander - 200 Posts - 4 Stars
5.) Avid Islander - 300 Posts - 5 Stars

The Fisher Islander Ranking Set
6.) Junior Islander - 450 Posts - 1 Fish
7.) Relaxed Islander - 500 Posts - 2 Fishes
8.) Frequent Islander - 600 Posts - 3 Fishes
9.) Friendly Islander - 750 Posts - 4 Fishes
10.) Fisherman Islander - 900 Posts - 5 Fishes

The Ship Rider Islander Ranking Set
11.) Sailor Islander - 1100 Posts - 1 Dolphin
12.) Captain Islander - 1500 Posts - 2 Dolphins
13.) Shipwreck Islander - 2000 Posts - 3 Dolphins
14.) Cruise Islander - 2500 Posts - 4 Dolphins
15.) Dolphin Islander - 3000 Posts - 5 Dolphins

The Elite Islander Ranking Set
16.) Tsunami Islander - 3500 Posts - 1 Globe
17.) World Islander - 4500 Posts - 2 Globes
18.) Supreme Islander - 5500 Posts - 3 Globes
19.) Emperor Islander - 7500 Posts - 4 Globes
20.) Honorable Islander - 10000 Posts - 5 Globes

Special Ranks:

These rankings are given to special Islanders who show complete honorability to Pokémon Island. These are usually the most trusted Islanders and the most responsible. You have to be very organized and faithful to obtain one of these rankings. However, these rankings do show complete responsibility and therefore are challenging to keep structured.
Title - Picture Ranking
- Description of Title

Island Moderator - Yellow Stars
-The Island Moderator has the power to delete, edit, and move topics and/or posts. And the Moderator has complete responsibility in pointing out unnecessary and/or offensive posts and deleting them

Island Administrator - Black Stars
-The Island Admin has all of the responsibilities of the forums. They can even delete the whole site if they wanted to. This goes to show that only the most trusted Islanders can be an Admin. Also, only four Admins can be in affect at one time.

Island Banker - Money Signs
-The Banker is in charge of organizing Sea Coins at the Sea Coin Bank and calculating loans and deposits and withdrawals. Bankers are given an exclusive topic that is used to keep track of Sea Coins.

Island Judge - Mallet Signs
-The Judge is in charge if settling arguments with an Administrator between Members. They are important in that they hold complete power in creating peace within the site.

Island Librarian - Notepad Signs
-The Librarian is in charge of posting the Islander News, recruiting the Press, and organizing books, upgrades, and victories. Even though some people may think the Library is boring, being a Librarian is a great honor.

Island Realtor - House Signs
-The Realtor is in charge of organizing Residences and selling and buying homes with the Islanders. The Realtor must be organized to hold the job.

Island Dealer - Smiley Signs
-The Island Swap Dealer is in responsibility of keeping track of member purchases. They hold one of the most crucial and important responsibilities.

Island Enforcer - Sword Signs
-The Enforcer is the number one battler in using Attack-only moves. The Enforcer must be one of the best on the site.

Island Protector - Shield Signs
-The Protector is the number one battler in using some Defense-based killer moves. The Protector must be one of the best on the site.

Island Trickster - Skull Signs
-The Trickster is the number one battler in using Status-Infliction-based annoying moves. The Trickster must be one of the best on the site.

Island Strategist - Balancer Signs
-The Strategist is the number one battler in using a wide arsenal of moves balanced in every category. The Strategist must be the best on the site.

Pokémon Island Creator - Islander Symbols
-The Creator Title is given to the site creator which is now Islander Jon. The Creator holds the most responsibility in every category and has the power to ban the most powerful members.

Lucky the Altaria...
Charm the Dragonite...

...Two beautiful and amazing Pokémon. They have...

Beauty, Strength, and Intelligence...
They are true Pokémon Islanders
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The Ranks
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