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 Quick IV Battle Rules

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Islander Jon
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PostSubject: Quick IV Battle Rules   Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:53 pm

This is for setting up a Wi-Fi IV Battle

What is the reason for an "IV Battle"?

As some people may know, your Pokémon contains predetermined IVs. At their level, those IVs may not be that accurate. When you Wi-Fi Battle with someone else, you put the Lv100 Single or Double option to help your Pokémon get a Level Boost, therefore making the IVs near flawless in accuracy. (Nearly because it's possible you made a mistake.) Therefore, "IV-Battling" someone else gives you a quick interpretation of Pokémon Individual Values.

What do I do when I'm "IV-Battling"?

So, now you know the point of IV-Battling. Now the question is: "What do I do when I'm actually in the battle?" Well, the answer is simple; you probably know that IVs are determined by stats in which you input your Pokémon's numbers in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. So, while you're "battling," input the stats of your young, now-Level-100 Pokémon in an IV Calculator or write them down quickly (to not hold your opponent for too long). Save the Stats if you put them in a Calculator. When you're done with the stats, inform your opponent and/or turn off the game. That's how you IV Battle! Hope you receive good IVs!

Please post in this Fomat:

Single Battle/Double Battle

In-Game Name (Optional)
Friend Code

Good luck!

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Charm the Dragonite...

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Quick IV Battle Rules
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