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 About the Great Resiscope Center

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Islander Jon
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Pokémon Island Creator

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PostSubject: About the Great Resiscope Center   Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:10 pm

A Residence is like a House here on the Island. You can customize your Residence with goods and items bought here on the Island using Sea Coins. Each member may only have one post in the topic "Residence View" that can only be edited. This makes sure one person does not crowd the topic. You can have at the most up to six Residences at one time. You can buy one then sell one to a Member (if you notify the Resident Realtor), or tear down one for free.

There are three types of Residences: Regular Residence/Hut, Village Residence, and Cottage Residence. The Hut is the cheapest, then the Village, then the Cottage. These buildings are bought to ensure that you have a home on Pokémon Island. You can buy the Houses using Sea Coins ($c). So all you Islanders out there, buy your Residence and you have a home here on the Island!

You can buy tickets to obtain special residences. The tickets are sent to you via PM. The Residence Ticket can be purchased for $c15 (Fifteen Sea Coins). The Village Ticket can be purchased for $c50. And you can buy the Cottage Ticket for $c100. You can purchase a ticket at any time and use it at any time. Just notify the Resident Realtor when you want to use the Ticket. Also, you can buy as many tickets as you want; but you can only post a total of six Residences for others to view here at the Resiscope Center.

Well, happy homing!

Lucky the Altaria...
Charm the Dragonite...

...Two beautiful and amazing Pokémon. They have...

Beauty, Strength, and Intelligence...
They are true Pokémon Islanders
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About the Great Resiscope Center
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