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 Noobiess' monogym

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PostSubject: Noobiess' monogym   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:53 am

Ok this is the idea:
I made for all types a monoteam
You can challange me and then you have to fight against all my monoteam after each other (of course you don't have to do them all at the same time... you can leave some time between the matches)
The monoteam all have 6 pokemon of the same type (so not 1 that is free to choose)
But you can't know witch team i'll be using so you can't go mono with a weakness of my monoteam.

You can use as many team you want; they only have to be accepted on the official server ladder so:
- no ubers
- evasion clause, extended game, freeze clause, one hit KO clause, sleep clause, soul dew clause, species clause, timed battle

Probably you will lose sometimes so you have 8 lives. When you lose against one of my monoteam you lose 1 life and you have to battle the same monoteam again (but you can use another team).
When you have no lives left, you lose. You can challange me again but you have to wait 7 days.
If you have won against all of my monoteam you have to challange the last team. This team is not a monoteam and you have to use the same rules as before. You can still use the lives you have left.
When you win against this team you have finally won!!!!
You will come on the hall of fame!!
And if you have 3 lives (or more left) you get a special prize: you can become one of the gym leaders (if you want to of course)
The only this you have to do you, is that you have to battle my monotype with the same type and you have to defeat it. You can try as many time you like but you wait 24houres between 2 matches. You can only be one gymleader so choose you type wisely because you can't change afterwards.

If you want to challange me, you say it here and then we can trie to be on shoddy on the same time. All battles take place on shoddy (the official server). I you can't get in the official server because of some tecnical faults, we can battle on smogon's server.
Just heard that offcial server might disappear so then the baatles will take place on smogon's server (but i hope official comes back)

Hall of fame:

all noobiess2

have fun!
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Noobiess' monogym
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