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 EV Training Grounds

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PostSubject: EV Training Grounds   Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:31 pm

This guide is to help people find locations and places to EV Train their Pokémon. It's a pretty thorough guide so please take the time to read it through. It will be very beneficial.

Okay, so I already assume you know how to EV train. But there is one questions that always dawns upon EV Training newcomers: "Where do I EV train?" That's basically what this guide is for.

This is basically a list of locations to try and trainers to battle to get plenty of EVs quickly and easily. I hope this is helpful for people who are trying to find good places to EV train their Pokémon. So here we go.


-HP Training Locations

Route 201 - Bidoof
Easy enough, good place to go to train weak Pokes.

Valley Windworks-Shellos, Bidoof
An efficient location, low leveled pokes abound.

Route 222-Gastrodon
Higher levels, may not be the right choice sometimes.

-Attack Training Locations

Route 202 - Shinx
This place is meh. The Shinx don't come out very often, so it's up to you.

Route 208 - Bibarel, Machop
A better place, not as good as the next one though.

Route 212 - Bibarel, Kricketune
My number one hotspot for EV training in attack. This works better at night, since Kricketune appear more often, and there is a shortage of Roselia, which are common during the day. I've trained my Crobat, Infernape, Dragonite, and Gallade here.

Acuity Lakefront - Snover, Machoke
Good place to train, but the Pokes are higher leveled than the others by a large portion. This does, however, make an EXCELLENT training ground for physical sweepers, since the other Pokes that appear here all give Speed EV's.

Victory Road Basement - Gyarados (Super Rod)
Here, the only thing you will fish up is Gyarados. Combos well with the Golbats you encounter while surfing.

-Defense Training Locations

Oreburgh Mine - Geodude, Onix
This works nicely for the beginning of the game. Nothing much else to say here.

Ruin Maniac's Cave - Hippopotas, Geodude
My number one place for defense training. Note that to run into Hippopotas, you have to catch lots of Unown in the cave right of Solaceon Town.

Iron Island Mines - Graveler, Onix, Steelix
Nice location, the pokes are powerful, though, so be wary.

-Special Attack Training Locations

Route 204 - Budew
If you wish to train here, definitely go in the morning/day. Other than that, not a good location.

Old Chateau - Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
The best one on this list. Note that Gengar will only appear if a copy of FireRed/LeafGreen is on your DS, in the room with the shifting red eyes on the wall.

Lost Tower(Route 209) - Gastly
Good place to train special sweepers since Zubat also appears here and gives one speed EV apiece.

Route 229 - Roselia, Gloom
This is late in the game, but it works. Better during the day because of Rosie.

Resort Area/Front of Turnback Cave - Golduck
Thanks to Jibaku for bringing this one up. They can be accessed easily by Surf and are the only ones that appear.

-Special Defense Training Locations

Route 209 and 210 - Mime Jr.
I guess this could be used early game. The next one completely overshadows this one.

Route 223 - Tentacruel, Mantyke
An excellent spot, pretty much the only good one.

-Speed Training Locations

Route 201 - Starly
These appear often, making it a good spot early game and for newly hatched Pokes.

Any Cave - Zubat, Golbat
This is pretty much self-explanatory.

Valley Windworks - Buizel, Pachirisu
They appear often, and are easy to kill, just like Bidoof and Shellos.

Trophy Garden - Pikachu, Pichu, Staravia
Great spot, and the pokes aren't that high leveled and are easy to KO.

Lost Tower - Zubat
Once again, this place works since Gastly appear here as well, making this special sweeper heaven.

Acuity Lakefront - Sneasel, Meditite, Medicham
Awesome place for speed training, even more so for physical sweepers, seeing as how all the other Pokes give attack EVs.

Route 225 - Spearow, Fearow, Rattata, Raticate
There are plenty of these, but they are in their 50's(not literally!).


This next section shows trainers who give EVs all to one particular stat. They can be re-battled with ease using the VS Seeker, some aren't difficult to defeat as well. Fighting these guys should speed up the process.

-HP Trainers

Route 209 - Cowgirl Shelly
Bidoof (x5) - 5 HP EV's

Route 210 - Bird Keeper Brianna
Noctowl (x2) - 4 HP EV's

Route 212 - Fisherman Travis
Barboach (x3), Shellos - 4 HP EV's

Route 212 - Tuber Jared
Gastrodon (x3) - 6 HP EV's

Route 219 - Tuber Mariel
Marill (x2) - 4 HP EV's

-Attack Trainers

Route 203 - Lass Madeline
Staraptor, Bibarel - 5 Attack EV's

Route 218 - Fisherman Miguel
Gyarados (x2) - 4 Attack EV's

Route 222 - Fisherman Alec
Gyarados (x2) - 4 Attack EV's

Route 225 - Ace Trainer Quinn
Pinsir, Mightyena - 4 Attack EV's

Cycling Road - Cyclist John
Staraptor (x2) - 6 Attack EV's
Note:John's two Staravia (4 Speed EV's total) will evolve into Staraptor after completing the Stark Mountain quest.

-Defense Trainers

Route 210 - Ninja Boy Fabian
Geodude (x3) - 3 Defense EV's

Route 212 - Collector Dominique
Geodude (x3) - 3 Defense EV's

Route 220 - Collector Ivan
Hippopotas (x3) - 3 Defense EV's

-Special Attack Trainers

Route 212 - Pkmn Ranger Jeffery
Prinplup (x2) - 4 Special Attack EV's

Route 214 - Psychic Mitchell
Haunter, Kadabra - 4 Special Attack EV's
(will evolve after completing the Stark Mountain quest)
Gengar, Alakazam - 6 Special Attack EV's

Route 214 - Collector Doug
Roselia (x3) - 6 Special Attack EV's

-Special Defense Trainers

Route 230 - Swimmer Sophia
Mantyke (x2) - 2 Special Defense EV's

Route 230 - Swimmer Mallory
Seel, Dewgong - 3 Special Defense EV's

-Speed Trainers

Cycling Road - Cyclist John
Staravia (x2) - 4 Speed EV's

Route 205 - Fisherman Andrew
Magikarp (x6) - 6 Speed EV's

...is there really anything better than this guy? He's my number one.
Great Sage also has a great tip (no pun intended) on EV training anything with this guy...

...if you have the Power items and a few Tamato Berries (the Speed erasing berry), you may want to train on Fisherman Andrew (the 6 Magikarp guy) for any stat; even if you train on something that isn't Speed, you'll get 24 total EVs of the stat your Power item boosts.


-Some EV Training Tips

There are effective ways to speed to EV training and make it go faster. Here are a couple of tips.


These can be used to consecutively encounter a single Poke. I don't use it, but some say it is effective in some training grounds.


This is a very rare virus that doubles the EV points you gain. There are some differences when you look at it in your Pokémon's stats. A purple icon labled PKRS displayed under the Pokémon's name means it gains double the EV points and can spread the virus to other Pokes in your party. After a while, the icon will dissappear, and a small yellow face under the Poke's picture indicates the virus is gone and will not spread. It still gains double EV points, however. The Pokérus can be saught easily online by simply asking anyone. Among frequent breeders and EV trainers, PokéRus is a necessity.

Power Items

These items can be bought at the Battle Tower's Left Prize Counter at the cost of 16 Battle Points each. They add 4 extra EV points to their corresponding stat whenever ANY kind of EV point is gained. For example, if I earned one speed point, I would then earn 4 attack points with the right Power Item. These Power Items are helpful at the small cost of lowering your speed slightly as long as it is equipped. The Power Items and their corresponding stats are as follows...

Power Weight - HP
Power Bracer - Attack
Power Belt - Defense
Power Lens - Special Attack
Power Band - Special Defense
Power Anklet - Speed

But if you have both a Power Item and Pokérus, great! But how do you total up the EV's? Here is the equation...

2(EV's Gained + Power Item) = Total EV's

So if I fought one Bidoof with PokéRus and the Power Weight active...

2(1 + 4) = Total HP EV's
2(5) = Total HP EV's
10 = Total HP EV's

Doing this, you can fight Fisherman Andrew (the guy with six Magikarp), only 4 times to be close to your absolute max of 252 EV points in speed.

-Originally written by _Rex_ of Smogon University

Lucky the Altaria...
Charm the Dragonite...

...Two beautiful and amazing Pokémon. They have...

Beauty, Strength, and Intelligence...
They are true Pokémon Islanders
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EV Training Grounds
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