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 Tournament Basic Rules

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Islander Jon
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Pokémon Island Creator

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PostSubject: Tournament Basic Rules   Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:37 pm

Basic Rules

1.) Species Clause
-Only one of each species is permitted on each team (i.e. you cannot have 2 Tyranitars on your team at once).

2.) OHKO Clause
-One-Hit Knock-Out Moves are banned (i.e. Sheer Cold, Fissure, etc.).

3.) Lv100 Battles
-All battles will use the Lv100 Auto-Leveler for Single Battle Tournaments and Double Battle Tournaments unless stated otherwise.

4.) Single Elimination
-All Tournaments are Single Elimination unless stated otherwise.

5.) Sleep Clause
-You can only put one of your opponent's Pokemon to Sleep. However, self-induced Sleep (i.e. Rest) does not count.

6.) NO Item Clause
-You will be allowed to have the same Item on more than one of your Pokémon (i.e. you can have a team with all Pokémon holding Leftovers if you wish).

7.) Draw Clause
-You cannot use a move that risks your Pokémon for your opponent’s (i.e. Selfdestruct, Explosion, or Destiny Bond) with your last Pokémon. This is to avoid draws. The person who executed that move last will be eliminated.

8.) Team Subsitutions
-You can change your team in-between matches, as long as the new team still follows the Rules.

9.) Hack Clause
-DO NOT use Hacked Pokémon (i.e. Gameshark, Action Replay, etc) when battling or trading. That's obvious since we do not allow hacks on Pokémon Island anyway. So if you see a Lucario coming out of a Master Ball, be suspicious.

10.) Uber Clause
-These Pokémon are banned from most Tournaments unless stated otherwise:

Deoxys (all forms)

11.) When you sign up, make sure you post your in-game name and your Friend Code.

12.) Kind of understood, but play fair and do not be a sore loser and complain about how his Pokémon is hacked and how he (or she) couldn’t beat you that easily. It just makes you look bad.

13.) If you sign-up, make sure to catch your boat and make it to Pokémon Island 15 minutes before the selected tournament begins. That'll give you time to get online and be ready to fight at the appropriate time. It’ll also give you time to get your opponent’s Friend Code.

14.) When the tournament first begins, wait 15 Minutes for your opponent to log on Wi-Fi. After 15 Minutes, your opponent will be automatically disqualified and you’ll be progressed in the tournament.

15.) In a tournament, the winner will be credited and awarded a special gift.

And on a special note, all tournaments will be displayed via Bracket Makers

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Charm the Dragonite...

...Two beautiful and amazing Pokémon. They have...

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Tournament Basic Rules
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